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Rosa Betancourt

Hey there! I'm Rosa Betancourt, your go-to guide for all things fitness and sports, and I'm thrilled to take you on this journey with me. Currently calling Delaware, Ohio my home, I spend my days passionately blogging for You know that feeling you get when you nail a forehand in tennis or conquer a grueling run? That's what I live for, and I want to help you experience the same rush! Now, let's talk tennis—my ultimate love. Whether it's Wimbledon or a local court, tennis has a way of pushing me physically and mentally like no other sport does. But hey, variety is the spice of life, right? So I also revel in swimming laps and going for long runs, especially when Ohio's temperamental weather plays nice. I adore the outdoors. Give me sunshine, give me rain, heck, even give me snow; I'll find a way to be active and make it fun. I genuinely believe that there's no bad weather, just bad clothing choices. Behind every strong woman, they say, is an even stronger family—and boy, do I have an amazing one! They are my rock, my biggest cheerleaders, and my daily reminders that life is all about finding a balance. We're all on this quest to live healthier, but let's face it, juggling a busy schedule can be a circus act. That's why my blog aims to give you the real talk on how to integrate fitness and sports into your life, no matter how packed your Google Calendar is. So, if you're ready to up your fitness game or just need some inspiration to get off the couch, stick with me. Let's make life an exhilarating adventure, one sport at a time! Catch you on the blog!