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10 Most Economical Places for Backpackers to Visit

Looking for adventure on a budget? Look no further! We’ve uncovered the top 10 most economical places for backpackers to visit.

From the vibrant streets of Southeast Asia to the historic cities of Eastern Europe, and the vibrant cultures of India, South America, and North Africa, there’s something for everyone.

Get ready to explore Bali, Budapest, Goa, Lima, Marrakech, Siem Reap, Sofia, Yangon, and Zanzibar.

Get ready to experience the freedom of travel without breaking the bank.

Bali, Indonesia

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly destination, you should definitely consider visiting Bali, Indonesia. This beautiful island offers a wide range of activities that won’t break the bank.

From exploring the stunning beaches to hiking through lush rice terraces, there are plenty of budget-friendly activities in Bali. You can also indulge in delicious local cuisine at the many affordable warungs (small local restaurants) scattered across the island.

The best time to visit Bali is during the dry season, which runs from April to September. During this time, you can enjoy sunny days and pleasant temperatures, perfect for exploring all that Bali has to offer.

Budapest, Hungary

When planning your trip to Budapest, Hungary, make sure to visit during the summer months for the best weather and affordable prices. Budapest is a treasure trove of budget-friendly attractions and cultural experiences that will make your trip unforgettable.

Start your journey by exploring the iconic Buda Castle, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. Then, take a stroll along the Danube River and marvel at the stunning Chain Bridge.

Don’t miss the opportunity to soak in the healing waters of the Széchenyi Thermal Baths, a truly unique experience. Immerse yourself in Hungarian history and culture by visiting the Hungarian Parliament Building and the beautiful St. Stephen’s Basilica.

And of course, no visit to Budapest is complete without indulging in some delicious Hungarian cuisine, such as goulash and chimney cake. Budapest offers a perfect blend of affordability and cultural richness, making it an ideal destination for adventurous backpackers.

Goa, India

Are you ready to explore the vibrant beaches and rich culture of Goa, India? Get ready for an adventure like no other as you immerse yourself in the beauty of Goa’s beaches and experience its electrifying nightlife.

Here are four reasons why Goa should be at the top of your travel list:

  1. Endless Beaches:
    From the famous Calangute Beach to the serene Palolem Beach, Goa offers a variety of stunning beaches to relax and soak up the sun. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to unwind or a lively beach party, Goa has it all.
  2. Lively Nightlife:
    Goa is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene. Dance the night away at the trendiest clubs, sip on refreshing cocktails at beachside bars, or join a beach rave under the starry sky. The party never stops in Goa.
  3. Rich Cultural Heritage:
    Immerse yourself in Goa’s unique blend of Indian and Portuguese culture. Explore ancient churches, visit spice plantations, and indulge in delicious Goan cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds.
  4. Adventure Activities:
    Goa offers a plethora of adventure activities for thrill-seekers. Try your hand at water sports like jet skiing and parasailing, embark on a thrilling trek through the Western Ghats, or take a scenic bike ride along the coastline.

Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking beaches and vibrant nightlife of Goa.

Lima, Peru

Explore the vibrant city of Lima, Peru, and discover its rich history and culinary delights.

Lima is a budget-friendly destination for backpackers, offering a range of affordable accommodations to suit any traveler’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a hostel in the bohemian district of Barranco or a budget hotel in the bustling Miraflores neighborhood, there are plenty of options available.

Once you’ve settled into your accommodation, it’s time to explore the popular tourist attractions in Lima. Visit the historic Plaza de Armas and marvel at the stunning architecture of the Cathedral of Lima. Take a stroll along the Miraflores boardwalk and enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

And don’t forget to indulge in the city’s culinary delights, from ceviche to pisco sours, Lima has something to satisfy every food lover’s palate.

Marrakech, Morocco

Are you looking for budget-friendly accommodations in Marrakech? Look no further!

Marrakech offers a wide range of affordable options, from cozy guesthouses to budget hotels, allowing you to stretch your travel budget even further.

And while you’re exploring the city, don’t miss the vibrant local markets where you can haggle for unique souvenirs and experience the bustling atmosphere.

Plus, don’t forget to indulge in the delicious street food, like mouthwatering tagines and savory Moroccan pastries, for an authentic culinary experience.

Marrakech has something for every backpacker on a budget!

Budget-Friendly Accommodations Options

Looking for affordable lodging options in Marrakech, Morocco? You’re in luck! Marrakech offers a range of budget-friendly accommodations that will suit your needs and keep your wallet happy. Here are four options to consider:

  1. Affordable Hostels: Marrakech is home to several hostels that offer comfortable dormitory-style rooms at affordable prices. These hostels provide a social atmosphere, allowing you to meet fellow travelers and share experiences.
  2. Cheap Guesthouses: If you prefer a more private accommodation, there are plenty of cheap guesthouses in Marrakech. These guesthouses offer cozy rooms with basic amenities, giving you a comfortable place to rest after a day of exploring the city.
  3. Budget Hotels: Marrakech also has a selection of budget hotels that provide clean and comfortable rooms at reasonable prices. These hotels often come with additional amenities such as breakfast and Wi-Fi, making them a great value for money.
  4. Riad Accommodations: For a unique experience, consider staying in a traditional Moroccan riad. Many riads in Marrakech offer affordable rooms with stunning architectural features and a tranquil atmosphere.

With these affordable lodging options, you can enjoy your stay in Marrakech without breaking the bank. So go ahead and start planning your budget-friendly adventure in this vibrant city!

Must-Visit Local Markets

When visiting Marrakech, Morocco, don’t miss out on the vibrant and bustling local markets. These markets are a treasure trove of local handicrafts, where you can find unique items like colorful rugs, intricately designed pottery, and beautiful leather goods.

The markets are a feast for the senses, with the aroma of spices filling the air, the sounds of merchants haggling, and the vibrant colors of the stalls. As a backpacker, you’ll love the freedom to explore and discover hidden gems in these markets.

And here’s a tip: bargaining is a common practice, so don’t be afraid to negotiate for a better price. Just remember to be respectful and enjoy the experience of immersing yourself in the local culture while getting some amazing souvenirs.

Authentic Moroccan Street Food

If you’re a food lover, you can’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of authentic Moroccan street food in Marrakech. The bustling streets of this vibrant city are filled with enticing aromas and vibrant colors, beckoning you to explore the culinary delights that Morocco has to offer.

Here are four must-try traditional Moroccan dishes that you can find as popular street food in Morocco:

  1. Tagine: A slow-cooked stew, bursting with flavors of tender meat, vegetables, and aromatic spices like saffron and cumin. It’s served with fluffy couscous or crusty bread for dipping.
  2. B’stilla: This savory pastry is a true delight. Layers of thin, flaky pastry encase a filling of spiced meat, usually chicken or pigeon, mixed with almonds, cinnamon, and sugar. It’s a unique and delicious combination of sweet and savory.
  3. Harira: A hearty soup made with lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, and a blend of fragrant spices. It’s often enjoyed during Ramadan as a comforting and nourishing dish to break the fast.
  4. Moroccan pancakes (Msemen): These thin, buttery pancakes are a popular street food snack. They’re often filled with a variety of sweet or savory fillings, such as honey, cheese, or spicy minced meat.

As you wander through the bustling streets of Marrakech, make sure to keep an eye out for these mouthwatering dishes. Each bite will transport you to the heart of Morocco, immersing you in its rich culinary traditions and vibrant street food scene. So go ahead, embrace the freedom to explore and savor the authentic flavors of Moroccan street food.

Prague, Czech Republic

You can explore the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic for an affordable and immersive cultural experience. Prague offers a variety of budget-friendly activities that will allow you to make the most of your trip without breaking the bank.

One of the top attractions in Prague is the Prague Castle, a stunning complex that dates back to the 9th century. Take a stroll across the iconic Charles Bridge, which offers breathtaking views of the city.

Visit the Old Town Square, home to the famous Astronomical Clock and vibrant street performers. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the charming Lesser Town, with its picturesque streets and cozy cafes.

Prague is a city that will captivate you with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant atmosphere, all while being kind to your wallet.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Explore the breathtaking ancient temples and vibrant markets of Siem Reap, Cambodia, while immersing yourself in its rich cultural heritage. Siem Reap is a budget-friendly destination that offers a plethora of attractions and cultural experiences. Here are four reasons why you should visit:

  1. Angkor Wat: Marvel at the magnificent Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. Witness the sunrise or sunset over this ancient temple complex and be captivated by its beauty.
  2. Pub Street: Experience the lively atmosphere of Pub Street, where you can indulge in delicious street food, sip on cheap drinks, and dance the night away. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring.
  3. Floating Villages: Take a boat tour to the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake and witness the unique way of life of the local communities. Get a glimpse into their traditions and daily activities.
  4. Night Markets: Shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, and traditional Khmer goods at the vibrant night markets. Bargain with friendly locals and bring home a piece of Siem Reap.

With its affordable attractions and cultural experiences, Siem Reap is a must-visit destination for budget-conscious travelers seeking freedom and adventure.

Sofia, Bulgaria

When it comes to affordability, Sofia, Bulgaria is a backpacker’s dream. You’ll find a wide range of accommodations that won’t break the bank, from budget hostels to cozy guesthouses.

Getting around the city is also incredibly affordable, with an extensive public transportation network that includes trams, buses, and the metro.

And let’s not forget about the food and drinks – you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and refreshing beverages without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sofia truly offers a budget-friendly experience for backpackers.

Affordability of Accommodations

With many budget-friendly options available, you’ll find that staying in Sofia, Bulgaria is an affordable choice for backpackers. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Budget-friendly hostels: Sofia offers a wide range of hostels that cater to backpackers on a budget. These hostels provide comfortable accommodations at affordable prices, allowing you to save money while exploring the city.
  2. Cheapest country for accommodations: Bulgaria is consistently ranked as one of the cheapest countries for accommodations in Europe. In Sofia, you can find affordable hotels, guesthouses, and apartments that won’t break the bank.
  3. Central location: Sofia isn’t only affordable, but it also serves as a great base for exploring other parts of Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. With its excellent transportation network, you can easily visit nearby countries like Romania, Serbia, and Greece without spending a fortune.
  4. Affordable food and drinks: In addition to affordable accommodations, Sofia offers a variety of inexpensive dining options. From street food stalls to local restaurants, you can enjoy delicious Bulgarian cuisine without emptying your wallet.

Local Transportation Options

Get around Sofia easily and affordably by taking advantage of the local transportation options available. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the popular backpacker destinations in Eastern Europe. The city offers a range of budget-friendly transportation options that will help you explore its many attractions without breaking the bank.

One of the most convenient ways to get around Sofia is by using the city’s extensive public transportation system. The metro, buses, and trams are all affordable and efficient, making it easy to navigate the city and reach your desired destinations. The metro system, in particular, is a popular choice among backpackers as it covers most of the major tourist spots in the city.

Another budget-friendly option is to rent a bike. Sofia has a growing network of bike lanes, making it a cyclist-friendly city. Renting a bike allows you to explore the city at your own pace, while also enjoying the fresh air and scenic views.

For those who prefer a more traditional mode of transportation, taxis are also available in Sofia. However, it’s important to note that not all taxis are metered, so it’s advisable to negotiate the fare before getting in. Additionally, ride-sharing services like Uber are also available in the city, providing another affordable and convenient transportation option.

Cost of Food and Drinks

Explore the cost of food and drinks in Sofia, Bulgaria, and discover how affordable dining options can be found throughout the city. Sofia offers a range of culinary delights that won’t break the bank, allowing you to indulge in delicious meals without worrying about your budget.

Here are four reasons why the cost of food and drinks in Sofia will leave you feeling satisfied and financially free:

  1. Affordable street food: From mouthwatering kebabs to savory banitsa pastries, Sofia’s street food scene is a backpacker’s dream. You can enjoy flavorful local dishes for a fraction of the price you’d pay in other European cities.
  2. Budget-friendly cafes and restaurants: Sofia is dotted with cozy cafes and restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisines at affordable prices. Whether you’re craving traditional Bulgarian fare or international dishes, you’ll find options that won’t break the bank.
  3. Local markets: Explore Sofia’s bustling markets and discover fresh produce, cheeses, and meats at incredibly low prices. Stock up on ingredients to cook your own meals or enjoy a picnic in one of the city’s parks.
  4. Happy hours and drink specials: Sofia’s vibrant nightlife scene offers plenty of bars and clubs that have budget-friendly drink specials and happy hours. Sip on local beers, cocktails, or traditional rakia without emptying your wallet.

With its affordable food and drink options, Sofia is a paradise for budget-conscious backpackers who want to experience the city’s rich culinary culture without breaking the bank. Enjoy delicious meals, explore local markets, and indulge in the city’s vibrant nightlife while keeping your expenses in check.

Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar offers backpackers a vibrant mix of culture and history. The city is known for its budget-friendly attractions, making it an ideal destination for those seeking adventure without breaking the bank.

One of the must-visit places is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a magnificent golden temple that stands tall and proud. It’s a sight to behold, especially during sunset when the golden rays of the sun reflect off its surface, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Another budget-friendly attraction is the Bogyoke Aung San Market, where you can find a variety of local handicrafts, souvenirs, and delicious street food.

The best time to visit Yangon is during the dry season, from November to February, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for exploring the city’s attractions.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

When you visit Zanzibar, Tanzania, don’t forget to indulge in the pristine beaches and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the island. Here are four reasons why Zanzibar should be on your travel itinerary:

  1. Budget-friendly beach activities: Zanzibar offers a wide range of budget-friendly beach activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and beach volleyball. You can spend your days lazing on the white sandy beaches, exploring the vibrant coral reefs, or simply enjoying the crystal-clear turquoise waters.
  2. Cultural experiences: Zanzibar is known for its diverse culture influenced by Arab, Persian, Indian, and European traditions. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and marvel at the beautiful architecture and bustling markets. Don’t miss the chance to visit the historic slave trade sites and learn about the island’s dark past.
  3. Spice tours: Zanzibar is often referred to as the ‘Spice Island’ due to its abundance of spices like cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Embark on a spice tour and discover the aromatic plantations, learn about the cultivation process, and even get hands-on by picking your own spices.
  4. Sunset Dhow cruises: End your day in Zanzibar with a romantic sunset Dhow cruise. Sail on a traditional wooden boat, savor delicious local cuisine, and witness the breathtaking sunset over the Indian Ocean. It’s an experience that will leave you feeling free and rejuvenated.

Zanzibar, with its budget-friendly beach activities and cultural experiences, offers a perfect combination of relaxation and exploration. Don’t miss out on this incredible destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Visa Requirements for Travelers Visiting Bali, Indonesia?

To visit Bali, Indonesia, you’ll need a visa. The best time to go is during the dry season, from May to September. Enjoy the stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage.

Are There Any Specific Cultural Customs or Etiquette That Backpackers Should Be Aware of When Visiting Marrakech, Morocco?

When visiting Marrakech, Morocco, it’s important for backpackers to be aware of the cultural norms and dress code. Respect the local customs and traditions, and dress modestly to show your appreciation for their culture.

What Are the Must-Visit Attractions or Landmarks in Prague, Czech Republic?

You must visit Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and the Astronomical Clock in Prague, Czech Republic. These landmarks are iconic and offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history and culture.

Are There Any Budget-Friendly Accommodation Options in Yangon, Myanmar?

Looking for budget-friendly accommodation options in Yangon, Myanmar? Check out the best hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels in the city. For even more affordable options, consider local guesthouses, homestays, and other budget-friendly choices.

What Is the Local Cuisine Like in Sofia, Bulgaria?

When you’re in Sofia, Bulgaria, you’ll be delighted by the local cuisine. Traditional dishes like banitsa and shopska salad are a must-try, and there are plenty of vegetarian options available too. The unique flavors and ingredients will leave your taste buds wanting more.

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